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Month: January 2017

Stock Management For An Adventure Sporting Goods Store

Stock Management For An Adventure Sporting Goods Store

If you run an adventure sporting good store there are many things that your clients would request on a frequent basis. An important part of running a business is knowing what goods are high in demand and stocking up on these. The best way you can anticipate these trends is by looking at what sports are most popular among your customers. You can also do so by keeping a record of what kind of goods have been moving fast in the past. Once you have figured this out you can always be ready to fulfil the sporting goods needs of every client that walks in through your doors. We have made a list of some sporting goods that fall into the fast moving category.  Cycling equipment

Bikes and cycling equipment is very popular among seasoned riders as well as those who are new to adventure sports. You can advertise mountain bikes for sale to attract those customers who do not cycle on a regular basis but are looking for such an activity to engage in. You can combine these bike sales with offers for safety equipment and double your overall sales. You should also have cyclocross bikes for your more seasoned riders. Have a series of bikes that have a variety of features to attract returning customers.

Life vests

Life vests and other safety equipment is something that you must have readily available at an adventure sporting goods store. Life vests are important for every sport that takes place around water from white water rafting to canoeing. Its something that is essential for those engaged in these sports whether they know how to swim or not and regardless of whether the sport is deemed to be dangerous or not.

Ropes and fasteners

Ropes and fasters are essential for those who want to take up a sport like rock climbing. There are many indoor rock climbing arenas where people can enjoy this activity without having to deal with the harsh elements. This has opened up the sport to more people. Therefore the demand for this equipment is also on the rise. Make sure that your ropes and fasteners are of the best quality so only stock up with the tried and tested brands. One of the key benefits of anticipating the needs of your customers is so that you don’t stock up on goods that are not high in demand. This can cost you storage and floor space in your shop and these are facilities you can use for products that bring you some revenue.