How To Turn A Boring Vacation In To An Interesting One

How To Turn A Boring Vacation In To An Interesting One

Sometimes we have such high hopes for our vacations that we fall hard when we realize it’s not as special as we thought it would be. Package deals or concessionary tickets sometimes lead to disappointing vacations. Buck up: there are other ways to make our trips interesting. Read below to find out how:

Take a Few Home Comforts with You

If you’re renting out for the summer (or other vacation) and don’t really know what to do when you get there, take a few home comforts with you, like your favourite books, movies that you haven’t gotten around to watch yet, or that guitar you don’t play anymore. Take your best portable spa to chill when the tub gets too boring. Or take your bike with you and go on long rides and explore the surroundings.

If you’re up there alone and you meet someone, your portable spa can be a good ice breaker to start a conversation and who knows where it could lead?

Always Have Some Go- to Games

Games are a bad idea during parties; during boring vacations, they are life- savers. Pack some board games like snakes- and- ladders, ludo etc. or take a pack of cards and play strip poker. Take a pack of Uno and watch as your partner gets blasted with wild card after wild card. Take a tennis ball in the side pocket of your rucksack and play catch; take a swimsuit and go swimming. If you forget to pack any of this, find the nearest sporting goods store or kid’s toy store and buy a couple of times. You will not regret it.

Forget the Itinerary and Go Explore

Sometimes, spontaneity can be a refreshing change. If the list of things- to- see on your itinerary are too boring, then leave the itinerary and the maps at home and simply wander around. Ask the locals to point you in the direction of interesting sites, good places to eat and things to do. You will discover hidden gems that are not always displayed on tourist maps and have experiences that cannot be captured on an itinerary. Don’t forget to look, listen and learn about the particularities of the place.

Just Up and Leave

Sometimes, none of the above will help, and in such instances, the only solution is for you to leave. It could be the place, it could be you. Either way, your vacation plans will definitely take a turn for the better once you leave the place you’re in. Either go home and have a staycation, or go somewhere else where you think will suit your temperament better. If you are still not satisfied, then maybe you’re not ready for a vacation.

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